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Lumsden Community Nursery

A space for plants and communities to grow.​


The Lumsden Community Nursery is now open for volunteer sessions. 

We’ll be having an official opening in Spring 2021, when the nursery will be open for PLANT SALES as well as volunteer sessions. 

Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates and Winter Nursery Sessions.

Help us raise funds to set up our fantastic new Community Nursery space.

If you have been involved with any of Reforest Southland’s Planting Days or Nursery Sessions, you will know how passionate we are about plants; collecting seeds, sewing and tending to seedlings until they are big and strong enough to plant out. 

Until now our activities have been run from a temporary space, which is limited in size and facilities. The exciting news is that we have a new location available to us, which will provide us with the space we need to grow and engage with more members of the community. Conveniently located in the centre of Lumsden, the hub of Northern Southland, the nursery will be a place for learning and community building, and a place to grow native plants and trees for revegetation projects throughout the region.

Why donate?

We have secured almost all the funding we need from MPI, Community Trust South and the Northern Community Board. Your donation will be the last piece of the puzzle needed to get this exciting project underway. 
The nursery will:

Provide a green hub for the community and a place to gather and collaborate.
It will become a space for planting workshops, nursery sessions, schools and community groups to educate and grow.

Provide employment.
The Lumsden Community Nursery will employ a part-time Nursery Manager to take care of the day to day running of the nursery, and a part-time Operations Manager to organise planting days, workshops and other trust activities. 

Provide FREE plants to local community planting projects.
We aim to grow 10,000 plants in our first year. 70% will be donated to community planting projects and 30% will be sold to cover the nursery running costs.

Grow the right plants for our local eco-system.
Locally grown plants from eco-sourced seeds will provide the best chance of success, and ensure appropriate biodiversity for the local area.

Help us 'grow' our Community Nursery