December Planting Day at Lumsden Creek

After much preparation, planning and paperwork we had our first official planting day at Lumsden Creek.

The weather was a bit hit and miss so we postponed from the morning until later in the day when the skies cleared, and the sun came out. 

We wouldn’t normally plant this late in the year, as it becomes too hot and dry for the plants to settle happily into their new homes, BUT this summer has been particularly cool and wet so we’re not too worried about the plants drying out. We will continue to monitor the new planting over the summer and hand water if required. 

Most of the plants were given stakes and protectors to protect against pests, sprays and foot traffic. We were short of a few protectors but more have now been donated, so those will be fitted very soon.

A big thanks for the donation of plants, stakes and protectors from a local grower, which allowed us to get this project underway. We will be seeking further donations from Trees that Count and Environment Southland to continue the Lumsden Creek planting, until our own Community Nursery is up and running, and seedlings ready to plant.  

Number of Trees & Shrubs Planted


Metres of Creek Planted


Number of Volunteers


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