An exciting new space being created in Lumsden

Those of you who enjoy walking through town may have noticed planty things happening down on Lydia Street. Last Spring, the Northern Southland Reforestation Trust started planting out the new Lumsden Park space. 

With the help of local businesses, our wonderful volunteers and the ‘Plant Lovers Social Club’, the area has been cleared of broom and other weeds, mulched, and planting has started.   

First up came the great grinder and chopper of weeds, thanks to Kelso Kontracting. Apparently they have the only vehicle of this type in the South Island, so we were pretty lucky to get it on site to clear the broom which had grown well over head height.

Next up was a great big pile of mulch, donated by Vikas from the dairy, collected and delivered by Northern Southland Transport and spread by Garry and his mini digger. Great team work, that saved us A LOT of hard work spreading mulch with rakes. 

Then came the planting. Over 5 planting sessions we planted almost 400 plants – a mix of tussocks and shrubs on the flat, and carex, toe toe and flax along the creek edge. 

Planting will continue in Autumn – join us at our Plant Lovers Social Club – check out facebook for more details, or sign up below to our newsletter for upcoming events.