Protecting endangered fish in Lumsden Creek

It’s really exciting to find these wee guys living in our area, and knowing that the work we are doing replanting the creek will help provide shelter and reduce water temperature and pollution, giving these little guys a bit of extra protection they deserve.

Gollum galaxias and southern flathead galaxias are endemic (only found there) to Southland and are widespread within river stream and wetlands. There is evidence that suggests they are predicted to decline and therefore are identified as Threatened species. This is due to predation by brown and rainbow trout and loss of habitat, i.e. wetland drainage and physical disturbance to rivers and streams, our data suggests. Any habitat restoration work you undertake to reduce negative environmental pressures on these streams (increased water temperature, pollution, sedimentation, invasive species – trout and nuisance macrophytes) will help maintain their continued presence.  

Daniel Jack – Ranger, Biodiversity Freshwater, DOC